What’s your name and long have you worked for RBG?

India Templeman – I have worked for RBG for 10 years this year, which has gone scarily fast.


Give us a brief history of your journey with RBG

I started at RDC Derby whilst I was at college – the site was a brand new opening, so I was trained by the Openings Team, which was a great first start with the business. I then moved to Revs Bristol whilst I was at Uni. After finishing Uni I joined the Openings Team, which was such a fun job, but very hard work. Living out of a suitcase for up to 8 weeks at a time, in a different city every other month. After the Openings Team I was a Guest Experience Trainer, working in the People Development Team on front of house training pathways, drinks menu development, roll outs, invigs, and a large variety of other projects. Now I am the Drinks Development Manager, working on all things drinks across our 4 brands.


What do you enjoy most about your role?

The variety, I wouldn’t enjoy a job where I did the same thing every day, and this role definitely delivers on providing variety. I love working with so many people who also started in our bars, it definitely makes the job easier and we have lots of common ground. My current role is a great mix of being creative, but also needing to be organised and thinking of what will work operationally.


What apprenticeship are you studying? Have you completed?

I am currently studying for a L4 Apprenticeship in Procurement and Supply, which is really challenging, but I am learning loads! I previously completed a L3 Team Leader/ Supervisor Apprenticeship.


How has studying an apprenticeship helped you in your role?

As well as loads of knowledge and skills specific to the programme, I have also learnt lots of soft skills like time management, prioritisation, research and presentation skills. I have only very recently started my current apprenticeship, but it’s very fast paced, so I feel I will have learnt a tremendous amount after the 18 month course – looking forward to it!


What are the challenges of studying an apprenticeship alongside your role?

Finding the time. It is really tough to find the time to study, especially in very busy work periods. The key is to block the time out in your diary, and stick to it. Also to do the work little and often, rather than putting it off, and then being left with large chunks of work required at short notice.


What advice do you have for anyone considering studying an apprenticeship?

Go for it! It’s an amazing opportunity to complete an Apprenticeship funded by RBG. There’s a massive amount of courses out there, so I am sure there is a right course for everyone. It doesn’t have to be directly linked to your current role either, it could be in a subject you are interested in exploring or moving into in future.  Both of the Apprenticeship suppliers I have used have been really supportive – most people on their courses work full time, so they really do get it! They are very understanding and flexible to help you get the work done.