Hospitality jobs: The time is now. Join us, we’re leading the way!

We’re currently hiring here at Revolution Bars Group. We’re leading the way as the UK recovers from the effects of the pandemic, not only helping people get back into work but also offering them the chance to carve out an exciting new career. The clue’s in our name. We’ve revolutionised how people connect with each other, creating lasting memories whether drinking, dining or dancing together. And we’re doing the same for our Revolution family.

Fancy a career in hospitality? Want to be our next Revolution family member? Here’s why the time is now for a hospitality career, and why Revolution is the place to do it.

Why should I work in hospitality?

Hospitality is one of the most exciting industries to be involved in. There are plenty of opportunities to progress and meet great new people. So, why should you work in hospitality? We’re talking:

✓ Exciting roles

Want to mix the perfect cocktail? Make people smile with delicious food? Lead a team and put your own stamp on our unique Revolution family? Our staff do that every day. Our environment is faced-paced and exciting. We always love to have fun at work. And we love those with ambition and a passion for the party. If you bring the fun and excitement too, you’ll go far.

lotus biscoff cocktail

✓ Rewarding work

Whether you’re building a rapport with guests or receiving compliments for a dish you’ve created or drink you’ve mixed, a career in hospitality is always rewarding. There’s real satisfaction and enjoyment in knowing you’ve looked after your guests and given them the best possible experience. We love it and we know you will too.

✓ Career progress

The hospitality industry is incredibly dynamic – you’ll find there are new opportunities always presenting themselves. We know the importance of rewarding and retaining our amazing staff, which can allow you to climb the ladder quickly in terms of career progression.

✓ Flexibility

Not really feeling the Monday to Friday, 9 to 5? We get you. Life at a desk not for you? We hear that. The good news is that the working hours with hospitality careers can be super flexible. Whether you’re bringing the laughs at lunchtime, entertaining the after-work crowd or keeping the party going through the night, our flexible hours and rotas give you some essential work-life balance.

✓ Fun social life

Hospitality is loads of fun. You’ll meet amazing people working with us which always leads to plenty of good times at work and after your shift has finished. So, while we make sure we always get the party started for our customers, we save some for ourselves too.

Why is it a great time to work in hospitality? Now is the time to build your career

Now it’s time to get back to normality for everyone in the country. And what does normality mean for us in the hospitality industry? It’s time to party!

Right now our customers want to reconnect, to reconvene around a table sipping a drink or sharing a meal. And to hit the dance floor and shake it like they’ve not been able to do for so long. The party is back and it’s going to be bigger than ever.

And that means we’re looking for fresh talent – whether bartenders, chefs or managers – to help us bring it like it’s never been brought before. Has there ever been a better time to forge your career in hospitality? We think not.

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How to get a job in hospitality with Revolution Bars Group

We already mentioned how we’re revolutionising hospitality didn’t we? Not only for our guests, but for our staff too.

Becoming part of RBG is a lifestyle choice. You can work with like-minded people who share similar tastes and interests. You can have a great time during working hours and after them too. We prioritise fun, ambition, integrity and recognition. We want you to enjoy yourself, while striving to enhance your own prospects in an honest, principled manner. If you do, we think it’s important to reward you for your efforts.

Whether you want to work behind the bar, in the kitchen or as part of our management team, you can find our latest vacancies online. There are loads of different opportunities to join us and become part of our family.  Browse our available positions right now and start getting excited about taking your first step on a bright new path.