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The Revolución de Cuba Experience

Revolución de Cuba joined the party in 2011 and now has 19 bars across the country. It’s a melting pot, a fusion of flavours from Spain, Mexico and South America. Pair that with live entertainment and premium rum cocktails and you’ve got a full-on fiesta. And that’s not just for the customers.

“Best company I’ve ever worked for.” An employee’s response in the Quality of Life survey 2014.

Revolución de Cuba, is all about the experience, and that’s exactly what our team deliver, day in, day out. We give you the tools to do this with dedicated training at every stage of your career. The heart of the brand lies in the heyday of Havana, and even our training reflects that with a bartender schooling process that takes inspiration from the respected ‘Cantineros’ of Cuba. Armed with that kind of training, your career could really develop and many of our employees progress into management roles.

We motivate action and celebrate success with incentive schemes and training that could take you all over the world. Innovation and initiative is always rewarded because we’re continuously looking for ways to add authenticity and variety to the customer experience.

Working at Revolución De Cuba
Working at Revolución De Cuba
Working at Revolución De Cuba