Career Roles

So you want a piece of the party? Choose the area you're interested in from the list below, and we'll try and find the role that's right for you.

Charity begins here

Whether it’s running, swimming, baking or partying, if a Revolution Bars Group employee takes on a charity challenge, we’ll match what they raise up to £1000.

We like to give back, do our bit and all that. We’re currently working closely with Shelter to try to end homelessness and bad housing in the UK. At Christmas, some of our lovely staff helped out at Shelter’s Ice Tree event, wrapping donated presents for the homeless. This year the team at Revolución de Cuba Manchester laced up to run the Manchester Half Marathon for Shelter too.

Or, if you want to do good without doing the hard work, we are also part of the Workplace Giving Scheme, which means you can support your favourite charity by giving away an hour’s pay once a month (or even half an hour).

Christmas giving, all wrapped up