Career Roles

So you want a piece of the party? Choose the area you're interested in from the list below, and we'll try and find the role that's right for you.

Hamish Edgar

Hamish has been with Revolution for nearly 9 years, progressing to General Manager at Parsonage Gardens bar. For him, it’s the training that has been the most important part of his career progression. One of the first to attend the year-long intensive training academy, Hamish now has an accomplished and rounded experience of all aspects of bar management

And his hard work has not gone unnoticed. He’s been to Berlin, Amsterdam, New York and Las Vegas training with the company. But he insists it’s not all about the jetsetting. Seeing previous members of his teams following him through the ranks, and being promoted themselves, is what really gives him the job satisfaction.

Sophie Buscall

Sophie has travelled all over the country with Revolution, working her way up from glass collector to shot girl to trainee manager, restaurant manager and then general manager.

She puts her progression down to the support of the general managers she has worked with, people who put time and effort into mentoring her and supporting her development in the company.

For Sophie, the benefits and incentives really make Revolution a unique place to work, but it’s also the people she works alongside and the customers she greets every day that make every bar really special. The opportunity to build and train her own team has been the most exciting part of her job and becoming one of the business’ award-winning bars last year means she really is doing a great job!